HOCKNEY'S COLLAGES: Digital art using Polaroid shots.
PAIK'S ZEN TV: The visionary artist that predicted the future back in the sixties.
BURRI'S CRETTO: The moving memorial to the destroyed city of Gibellina and other Cretto.
CATTELAN'S ZOO: The insane zoo of the most caustic contemporary Italian artist.
BACON'S PORTRAITS: stunning series of beautiful portraits of Bacon, some of the best of the 20th century.
AI WEI WEI'S FINGER: The great master of Chinese contemporary art gives the finger.
ARMAN: Accumulation art by the immortal Arman.
CHRISTO: The unique contemporary artist that makes art as grand as the Pharaohs.
KLEIN: The only contemporary master to give his name to a color.