PENN'S EXTREME BEATY: The most amazing pictures of the photographer that revolutionized fashion photography.
BURRI"S COMPOSITIONS: The acrobatic equilibrium of the composition of yet another Magnum master.
SIEFF'S DEATH VALLEY: The majestic pictures of a stunning desert as seen by a fashion photographer.
ERWITT'S BUILDINGS: The memorable architectures of one of the greatest Magnum photographers.
AVEDON'S WRITER: Great writers as seen by a great photographer.
ANGEL'S BAY: Bill Brandt's immortal hallucinate nudes.
KERTESZ: The magical atmospheres of one of the founding masters of photography.
LEE MILLER: The incredible masterpieces of the woman that decided not to be a muse only.
NANOART: The incredible photographs done with a microscope by the Dutch master Frans Holthuysen.
REQUIEM FOR A FILM: a fantastic set of images from the greatest master of color photography to mourn the end of Kodachrome film.
WESTON: Misleading masterpieces from a founding father of photography.
 WOODMAN: The prodigious pictures of the greatest poetess of the camera.