NAM JUNE PAIK: The visionary artist that invented the information super highway.
ELIOTT ERWITT: The Magnum master known for his candid shots and absurd situations.
MAURIZIO CATTELAN: Considering art (and life) as a bad joke.
MAX ERNST: The Leonardo of surrealism.
FRANCIS BACON: A disturbing and fascinating master of the 20th century.
YVES KLEIN: Banality can kill. Not just anyone, only the best of us.
EMIL NOLDE: The greatest oil and watercolor painter of the 20th century.
FOSCO MARAINI: The spectacular pictures of an anthropologist, poet, photographer, and explorer.
WAYNE THIEBAUD: The master famous for his cakes and pastries.
HENRY DARGER: The saddest story in art history.
 LEE MILLER: The incredible life of a muse that refused to be just that.