Masterpiece - REQUIEM FOR A FILM - 0131

Ernst Haas, Motion Runners, Caribbean, 1958

When I started taking pictures, I was not interested in color photography. I considered it trivial, obvious. Until I discovered a photographer, and a film. The photographer was Ernst Haas, in my opinion the greatest photographer of the XX century in terms of color. To be precise, I consider Erns Haas the only one that was able create masterpieces with color photography in the XX century. And with the discover of this incredible master, I discovered that he used almost exclusively Kodachrome, a legendary film. None of the photographs of Ernst Haas would have been possible without that film, I realized.

Kodachrome was the first successfully color film. It was produced from 1935 until 2010. On Dec 30, 2010, the last film of Kodachrome has been developed in the last existing lab, in Parsons, Kansas. This week I am going to presents some of the immense masterpieces of Ernst Haas, to honor properly the recently deceased film, as well the great artist. I hope that the people that were born in the digital age will be able to appreciate the difference...

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