Masterpieces - MADONNA & CHILD - 0025

Bernardo Daddi, Virgin and Child1340

A spectacular interpretation of the theme of the Virgin with Child by Bernardo Daddi. Dedicated to those who believe that middle age painting is not as expressive and beautiful as renaissance art. The beauty of the Virgin is delicately remarked by the loving gaze of the Child. And please, look at the way they are holding their hands. Simply spectacular...


Una spettacolare interpretazione di Bernardo Daddi del tema della Madonna con Bambino. Dedicato a chi crede che la pittura medioevale non sia tanto espressiva e bella quanto l'arte rinascimentale. La bellezza della Vergine è delicatamente sottolineata dallo sguardo amorevole del Bambino. E per favore, osservate il modo in cui si tengono le mani. Semplicemente spettacolare ...


  1. I have always loved these works and used to own some in my old life. Seeing them in great museums is almost as good.

  2. I am sure you miss them, Judith! They are incredible paintings indeed. I believe middle age painting are not as widely appreciated as say XV and XVI century paintings, but I find them really powerful, direct...