Daily Masterpiece - 0049

Francis Alÿs, Fabiola, 2009.

(English) "Fabiola" by Francis Alÿs at the National Portrait gallery in London, consists of 300 identical portraits hung side by side in two deep green rooms. The original paint was by Jean Jacques Henner was lost in 1912, and now Alÿs has gone around flea-markets, junk stores and private collections buying up copies of the image.

L'esibizione "Fabiola" di Francis Alÿs alla National Portrait gallery di Londra consiste di 300 ritratti identici affiancati in due stanze dalle pareti verde scuro. Il quadro originale di Jean Jacques Henner e' andato perso nel 1912, ed Alÿs ha acquistato tutte le copie che ha potuto in mercatini e collezioni private.



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